Our Process

Each search assignment we conduct at Patino Associates utilizes a “parallel process”. We not only leverage our strong personal networks but also develop a systematic search strategy that is tailored to the client situation. Most importantly, our process is flexible; moving as urgently as clients demand, never sacrificing quality and able to integrate with your internal recruiting processes.

  • Kickoff

    Patino Associates meets with the hiring executives and any additional key leaders deemed critical to both the success of the position or the search process. The purpose of these meetings is to ascertain from these key individuals what skills and attributes are necessary for the person we intend to recruit to thrive and succeed in your environment. After those meetings, Patino Associates develops a custom Position Specification; including the appropriate primary responsibilities, requirements and competencies for success that are specific to your situation.

  • Candidate Development

    Once the position specification is confirmed by you, Patino Associates enters the market to approach potential candidates. Utilizing our “parallel process” referenced above allows us to move quickly while also ensuring that we are approaching ALL of the people who should be considered for the role based on the desired experiences and attributes laid out in the position description. Patino Associates’ principals all make their own calls and do not utilize leverage to make their initial outreach. The team you meet is the team who conducts your search.

    Once we initially qualify the candidates by phone, we interview each of the candidates in person (or if timing does not allow, by videoconference or Skype). While we strongly believe in the importance of meeting candidates in person so we can best ascertain fit to your organization’s culture, we are also respectful of the expenses incurred on the project. We treat your money as our own.

  • Communication

    Communication is essential to a successful and speedy search process. We typically insist on either weekly or bi-weekly update calls with you. The purpose of these calls is to share feedback from the marketplace, progress with potential candidates and to discuss potential questions or roadblocks in the recruitment process. We do so that we can represent the opportunity to potential candidates in the best light possible.

  • Candidate Interviews

    Once we have fully vetted and qualified a slate of candidates (likely between 3 and 6 in number), we present the resumes/backgrounds and our full written assessments of these candidates to you. We also work closely with our clients and their staff to assist in scheduling the interviews in a timely and efficient manner for all.

  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

    Throughout the process we communicate frequently with not only our clients but also with the candidates, helping them to understand what is going on in the process and likely timetables for next steps. This is critical in search because candidates believe that a lack of communication from the recruiter (and therefore the client) means that they are not being considered highly for the position. Usually, this could not be further from the truth. In reality the challenges of freeing up time on the calendars of six different executives on the client side is really the challenge. The ongoing dialogue also enables us to stay aware of potentially competing opportunities/searches/offers. Even in a down market, outstanding talent will have multiple opportunities to consider.

  • Referencing

    Once you have identified your finalist candidate, we conduct all of the formal referencing and present a full reporting to you. If more extensive background checking is required, we can refer you to a qualified, independent investigative firm.

  • Offer Negotiation and Completion

    We also assist, as required,  in the construction and delivery of an offer with the goal of quickly coming to a successful conclusion with a minimum of negotiation. Once the candidate has agreed to the offer, we provide any assistance necessary in the onboarding process.