Communications is our passion. Patino Associates recruits executives responsible for communicating to an organization’s key audiences – media, customers, employees, investors, policy makers and communities. While each of us has conducted searches in a variety of areas during our careers, we are most passionate about communications leadership. These insights benefit our work on behalf of our clients. We not only know outstanding talent, but can quickly find the right talent for our client, their business needs and their corporate culture.

We develop deeper relationships with communications leaders than the transactional conversations that typify a recruiting relationship. We take the time to learn, not only the capabilities of executives, but what drives them, what motivates them and their career aspirations. This is our community. We like these people and they like us. Our success is evident by the longevity and continuing success of our candidates.

Global reach

In response to our multinational clients seeking outstanding talent outside of the United States, Patino Associates has partnered with Ithaca Partners, based in London. Together we assist corporations seeking to identify and recruit outstanding communications and public affairs talent with diverse perspectives around the world. 



Within the United States, Patino Associates has conducted assignments on both coasts and everywhere in between: New York, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco. We know the national marketplace for talent. Our proprietary database houses insights and information gleaned on over 7,000 communications and public affairs executives. Our knowledge and relationships allows us to target those candidates who are not only the best fit for our clients, but also by their potential for relocating to that area.

We do the work

Our principals take great pride in personally conducting all aspects of the search process. Our commitment to making all of our own calls is built on our belief that this first interaction is the most critical. The right presentation of an opportunity, tailored to a potential candidate, can sidestep the quick "No thanks" response and into a thoughtful dialogue. How do we do all of these calls? We limit the number of searches each principal conducts to between six and eight at any time. 

Patino Associates does not employ a “leveraged model” where junior, less experienced team members handle the bulk of candidate interaction. We firmly believe in the phrase “What you see is what you get”. Our clients know from the outset which principal is the best fit to lead a particular search and why. In the event that a team approach is utilized, each member is an active participant in all stages of the process, especially the initial calls to potential candidates.