CASA 2024 Report – The Five Facets of Modern Corporate Affairs Leadership

The five facets, or characteristics, of modern corporate affairs leadership are not in your typical job description, but together they form a blueprint for understanding the role and what contributes to the success of the modern corporate affairs leader. This report explores less what corporate affairs directors do, but more, how they do it. The research is based on interviews with 23 progressive corporate affairs leaders in the EU and US, who are all at the top of their game in their respective markets.

Who is behind it?
CASA was set up in 2021 for one simple reason: we share a passion for what great corporate affairs can do for a business and a belief in the power of exceptional corporate affairs leaders. We are a group of likeminded corporate affairs search firms who are committed to the promise of “making corporate affairs better”.

What will our report share?
We share this report in the hope of achieving the following…. firstly we want to highlight and celebrate the impact and influence corporate affairs professionals are having around the globe. It is in our opinion that the best CA Directors are a central force in a modern business. We want more people to understand what exceptional corporate affairs leaders look like and what sets them apart. Secondly, we want to raise the global bar for what organizations should expect from corporate affairs and highlight what CEOs should be asking for from the function to unlock its full power.

At CASA, we want to play our part in codifying success for now and in the future. We hope this report will inspire the aspiring corporate affairs leaders.

Many thanks to all our 23 participants for their time in this project.

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