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With more than 270 members, each of whom has an average of 15 years of industry experience, Page Up has over 4,000 years of collective experience. Programs like Think Thursday discussions, Connection Coaches new-member onboarding, speaker series, our annual conferences and committee programs that encourage knowledge sharing bring that knowledge and experience to you. We host regional and national networking events that bring together peers who are facing the same issues, from managing our teams, to emerging technologies, to topical issues like new regulations and changes to the political climate.


IPR NEXT is a membership community launched in April 2024 for emerging leaders with less than 10 years of experience that offers research-driven professional growth, mentorship, and training and development opportunities to help future leaders connect and grow in their careers


PR ELEVATE is a diverse and select membership community of upper mid-level to senior-level professionals who are catalysts for growth, change, and advancement. These high-performing innovators support the mission and insights-focused work of IPR.

IPR ELEVATE offers engagement opportunities to ambitious communication leaders who are passionate about the research-focused mission of IPR and have a desire to contribute to the industry. This membership community comprises leaders who are high achievers with an entrepreneurial spirit in a wide range of industries and organizations (i.e., corporate, agency, nonprofit, academic, etc.). 


Page’s Future Leaders program is a two-year learning experience designed to prepare high-potential communications executives from among Page members’ teams for one of the most challenging corporate positions – that of the chief communications officer. No other program focuses on the essential knowledge and skills required to assume the most senior corporate communications position. Participants meet for six sessions over two years, which allows them to build a robust network with peers from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The six extended learning modules around leadership, culture, societal value, CommTech, corporate brand and other topics are convened by Page members, who invite leading experts to present in each of the topic areas. Classes engage participants through interactive discussions, case studies and thought leadership.


The Women In PR Mentoring Circle is a community of women in the public relations industry who come together to share their experiences, learn from each other, and support each other’s professional growth. The program provides participants with access to a range of resources and tools, including networking events, mentoring opportunities, and professional development workshops.

The program is open to women from all backgrounds, including those who are just starting out in the industry, those who are looking to advance their careers, and those who are returning to work after a break. The program is designed to be inclusive and supportive, and all participants are encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and successes with the group


PRSA’s new Affinity Groups are intended to serve as a convening method for like-minded members to meet (virtually), share ideas, and build networks and relationships.

With this program, in accordance with its 2022-2023 D&I Strategic Plan, PRSA is working to attract, develop and retain diverse members of the organization. The Affinity Groups program also will build awareness and strengthen the organization’s overall approach to diversity, equity and inclusion. PRSA and its partner in program execution believe that the affinity group strategy will facilitate personal member growth, advancement and the overall well-being of PRSA as an organization. Finally, Affinity Groups help reaffirm PRSA’s commitment to DEI to under-represented and BIPOC PR professionals.

The two Affinity Groups are:

  • Black Voices and
  • Hispanic-Latino Groups


For The Ambitious Only was created from a love for connecting with talented people and sharing industry wisdom. This space proudly centers the experiences of Black and Brown leaders and aims to help leaders expand their professional networks, build community and find inspiration to turn challenges into opportunities.

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